Wednesday, October 22, 2008


One of the questions we're constantly asked is what will the audience feel throughout the film? What is the emotional journey, and how do we convey it?

This of course is what makes or breaks a short film (and should really apply to feature lengths as well, but hey, if you've got 90 foot tall robots tearing up city streets who needs emotion?) unfortunately this is also the hardest aspect to portray. 

I hope to pull the audience in through the bond between the two characters - the film is essentially about friendship; if I can build a genuine feeling rappor between the two characters, something that the audience can relate too (That guy sounds just like my mate John) then they'll become more involved in their lives. Even though you'll never see Karl, and he is effectively the "baddie" from our perspective, I want this feeling to stretch to him as well - if the audience feels sorry for him, as well as shock at Stans death the impact is much stronger.

I hope to achieve this effect through a short, but genuine script; I'm currently researching War/Buddy films and analysing how the characters talk to each other, another possible option I've contemplated is "wiring" myself to record my conversations with friends...the legality of such a thing aside I'm unsure on the practicalities of it.

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