Friday, October 24, 2008

Special Effects, on the cheap.

Found this website that shows people how to make some realistic looking gunshot wounds using the "Blue Peter" school of thought, so now I'm the proud owner of a hand pumped pressurised garden sprayer that has some excess piping from my PC's water cooling system attached to it...

The author of that site also points out a vitally important fact - the special effect shots are only shown for fractions of a second, if you look at the example above (it's a frame-by-frame breakdown of the example clip from their website) you only see the blood in frames 7 through 10 so, thats 4 frames or 1/6th of a second. Although its visually stimulating, it's only shocking if we care about the characters, and if it comes at an unexpected moment.

The scene in "Saving Private Ryan" springs to mind where the soldier has a bullet richochet off his helmet, and in awe takes his helmet off to look at it and then gets shot in the head.

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